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Become a more effective leader.
Coaching empowers pastors and faith leaders to make adaptive changes that transform the ministry of the church.

My approach to coaching is:

  • Client-driven – we work on what matters to you

  • Constructive – you set concrete, achievable goals

  • Compassionate – we seek deeper self-understanding without judgment

  • Curious – we look below the surface of your work and life

  • Creative – we imagine, reflect, and wonder together

  • Consistent – we meet regularly, typically once a month

  • Confidential – as both a coach and a pastor, I hold confidentiality as a high value


"Martha has a way of helping me see a situation “from the balcony,” while also helping me to strategize how to engage with issues on the ground.  The impact on my ministry and on my own growth as a differentiated leader has been significant."

Rev. D, United Church of Christ pastor

"Martha helps me solve problems and get unstuck regularly. But more than that, her coaching returns me to my center, to God’s call to me, to my gifts, and to find faithful ways forward that bring life."

Rev. J, Presbyterian Church (USA)

"Martha has been an invaluable resource and support as I began a new pastorate and explored a new calling. She is compassionate, wise, and kind, but also firm. My ministry would not be as effective without her guidance."

Rev. M, Metropolitan Community Church

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