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Coaching Services

As your coach, I will listen deeply, ask questions that invite reflection, and offer accountability for the goals you set.

Pastors bring varied aims to coaching: enhancing leadership skills, reassessing priorities, improving work-life balance, navigating conflict, reimagining sermon preparation, preparing grant proposals, discerning a new call, preparing for transition/retirement, and more.



I am an iEQ9 Accredited Enneagram Practitioner and use the Enneagram as a framework for coaching, focusing on the strengths of the core number and the pathways to development found in the lines and wings, and centers of expression.



Groups of 3 to 6 participants meet monthly through the program year. Sessions include theological reflection, discussion of ministry issues, and accountability for planned actions, all grounded in prayer. A new group will form in October, 2022. 


Individual Coaching

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